Welcome to CRM-Workshop

If you think you have read everything on the management systems of the Customer Relationship (Customer Relationship Management), you must have learned at least three things:

  • CRM is the best way to increase your business
  • The CRM is built on a base of application software with a long implementation (several months, even several years). It is too often quite complicated.
  •  Finally, these CRM projects are extremely expensive and without any guarantee of success (a project out of two is considered as a failure, a Gartner Group source).
Do you have to, for all that, accept this grateful(inescapable) passage and give up your own strategy CRM?

Naturally NO! And CRM-WORKSHOP is there to supply you a method, at the same moment agile, fast and pragmatic, allowing to implement(operate) your strategy CRM and so to increase the performance of your company.